Plumbers and Heating in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas

Our plumbers in scunthorpe offer many aspects of plumbing and heating ranging from:


  • Emergency 24 Hour Call out (NO CALL OUT CHARGE)
  • Any Repairs and Maintenance
  • Replacing taps
  • Replacing showers
  • Upgrading radiators
  • Leaks
  • Blockages 
  • Underground and above ground drainage 
  • 1st Fix on New builds, extentions and loft conversions 
  • Bathrooms, ensuites and cloakrooms
  • Household Appliance installation 



1. How much water does the average person use in a day.


150 litres per person per day, it could be cut down by a third.


2. How much is wasted through people brushing teeth, and washing hands.


Teeth - If you leave the tap running it wastes 6 litres per minute.

Washing hands - Very little water wasted, but if you put the plug instead of washing under running water it could save around 3 litres.


3. Where does the most household water wastage occur.


There is no one area, it requires a lot of smaller actions to be effective. The wc is one of the biggest components  of household waste, flushing a wc can waste about 6 litres a time.


4. What is the problem with traditional taps, flushes and shower heads. How do they waste water.


Generally the flow rates on taps are alot higher with the old versions, the same is true for older wcs, a victorian wc will flush with 13 litres where as some of the new types will flush at 4 litres. New shower headsuse various technologies to reduce water comsumption,aerated showers combine water and air and regulated showers place an upper limit on flow rates.


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