Floor and wall tiler in scunthorpe

Specialising all aspects of tiling, we can help you reinvent the apperance of your home, with services in both wall and floor tiling at prices you wont frown at. Wether its a bathroom, kitchen, conservatory, wetroom, utility, entrance hall.


At JWE we can fit all types of tiles ranging from;

  • Ceramic
  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Porcelain
  • mosaics
  • Limestone
  • Install under floor heating


Wether you have purchased your tiles or if you would like a hand to get the ultimate look, give JWE a ring and we can make an appointment and go over the different designs we can offer you.


And the good thing about hiring JWE is that we employ fully qualified plumbers, so we can take out your wc, basin, radiators etc for that perfect finish.



Choosing the right tile


Different tiles have different properties so the tile you absolutely love could be totally wrong for your project. Jwe can offer advise and guidance to point you in the right direction. Below are some of the most popular tile choices.

  • Ceramic - Can be used for both wall and interior floor applications. Can be more prone to chipping and wear than porcelain tiles. They offer the best choice of shapes, patterns, and colours and are reletively inexpensive when compared to porcelain and stone. No special cleaning agents are necessary abd can be wiped down with ordinary household detergents.


  • Porcelain - Suitable for both wall and interior and exterior floor applications. They are a good all round choice as an alternative to stone and are less expensive. They are much more durable than ceramic and less prone to chipping, making them suitable for almost any area. They have a lower water absorption rate than ceramic and are frost resistant. Very hard wearing and easy to maintain, they can be wiped down with ordinary household detergents.


  • Slate - Very rustic and rugged in apperance. A very dense, but soft and easily scratched material with low porosity. Slate can be used can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Slate should always be sealed to prevent staining. 


  • Marble - Smooth, hard, cool to the touch and beautifully patterned, however it is a relatively soft stone and because of this is easily scratched in high trafiic areas.




Please visit our gallery to look at some of the work we have completed.

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