New ideas for 2014


Wood effect tiles


Entrance halls have alot of traffic. Carpets can soon look to be a bit worse for wear. Laminate floor is what most people go for because is gives a good look and is more durable and easier to clean, but again over time it can start to look a bit tired because of cleaning, pets and walking in from wet ground.


So why not get wood effect tiles. They are durable, ultra stylish and give a great look.


The tiles come in many different colours ranging from light oak, wenge and a dark wood. And they dont have to be used just in an entrance hall, they look great anywhere around the house.

Feature walls in bathrooms


Give your bathroom that extra bit of syle with a feature wall. Wether its a row of different wall tiles down the middle of a wall, taking up an entire wall, adding a border of mosaics or even adding some wall paper. The options are never ending.


You have got such a wide variety of styles, sizes and textures to choose from, so why get all the same tiles in your bathroom. Mix and match and add a bit of style.